Thanks for all the nice words and yes, my friend is doing somewhat better.

Jenn, what a sweet compliment. I think body type plays a role -- with a fairly straight figure it is actually not easy for me to look truly bombshell. Which suits me fine but could be a problem if my style preferences were different. I also think comfort is a factor. If you are super comfortable in the specific items then that comes across and instantly downplays any bombshell associations. Plus, the neckline on the top is not low (another de-bombshelling factor). And heels are stable and not wobbly so that adds competence.

Love love LOVE this outfit, all so simple, chic, and up to date, as Angie post today! And, OMG, YLF in that white top with your silver hair!

ETA: Love what you have answered above to Jenn (including the comfortable items which can bring in the right feel/attitude)!

It is, in fact, my motto for de-bombshelling everything:-))

You look lovely in that outfit. The peplum top and color combination really suit you.

Love this outfit on you. You look very stylish. Great hair too.

I hope all is OK with your friend and your family. You look gorgeous, and I love that peplum top on you.

Love this look. Every time I see that Amici cardigan on you I wish I had pounced during NAS that summer. Gorgeous!

Oh, wow, so beautiful, I also love leopard print with red, so inspired me to try with burgundy.