Lovely outfit! The printed top is delightful under the blazer.

The blazer-jeans look is my favorite and your version is fab! Very pretty and polished as always.

Love this look Suz! You have the essence of Angie's outfit captured beautifully. Your backpack bag is a little playful and unexpected. Nice touch!

Great interpretation! I like this formula very much, as you know. You look terrific.

Flares look great on you!

Very classy for one classy lady.

The jacket = stunning! I hope to see more of that jacket on you.

Great look. I love that blazer on you Suz. Lovely.

It's fresh to see other pant styles, these are fab on you. Worth holding onto, bet you're glad you did.

Sorry life has been hectic for you. Hope things settle down soon.

As always, I love seeing your WIWs and look to you as inspiration.