This is one of my current favorite outfit formulas. Tee, long cardi, jeans and boots for the win!

Love the booties and the outfit. One you have worn them outdoors, does that mean you can't wear them indoors again?

I know you have lamented that with your current climate that it is hard to wear the booties - but you simply HAD to buy those silver boots, they are perfect. You are most welcome anytime to come into my house in boots, I'm glad that your friend felt the same.

Thank you Bijou!!

Anne, usually I won't wear them indoors after wearing them outdoors. It does depend on how worn they are and what people's rules are. Here we mostly remove shoes indoors for practical reasons in winter (which is so much of the year) and it tends to carry over to warmer temps. The bottoms get too dirty for indoor wear.

I love how both outfits look different but consistent with your style!

I adore 1. The silver booties are FAB

Omg, outfit #1 makes you my style icon!

Outfit #1 is so fab. Those jeans are perfection. I always seem to focus in on jeans. I love the gray and burgundy together. Great colour palette for you. I have clothes that come in and out of rotation too.