We are considering a trip to India in Feb-March (22 days) via the Roads Scholar program. It is more focused on the spiritual and cultural, the Golden Triangle and Holy Ganges River. We'll start in Delhi, then Jaipur, Kolkata and 6 days on the Ganges River (visiting several places along the way). Marketed as an "active" trip with 2 miles hiking/walking daily at the minimum. We'll avoid the monsoons and really hot weather. Still, I'll need suitable clothing for warm clothing. I have always wanted to go to India. I've taught comparative religion in college and studied Sanscrit. It's amazing I haven't been before now and I'm 69! Even Rick Steves the travel guru who focuses on trips to Europe says India is the place he most likes to travel. Of course, I've heard the discouraging words about the water and getting sick, etc. And all the what if's of traveling abroad. I embrace a trip that potentially can turn me upside down and around, in a good way, totally outside my culture in Idaho. The major minus for me is the very long plane ride to and from.

Do any of you live in India or have lived there or plan to travel there? I am interested in any and all suggestions for clothing to take. Since we're moving about fairly frequently, I need to pack efficiently. I was thinking of items like the following for starters. Thank you for any information on traveling to India and taking clothes that work (incl shoes)! My husband is fully on board. I do have to dress him as well.