It is gorgeous on you! Total love for this jacket. Great purchase. Love it especially in 1, 3, 4.

This is a really fantastic piece! I agree with Becky that I love it most with black and white.

Wonderful on you, and even better when you have played with it at home. I love it with your white summer jeans just as much as your black ensembles.


The blush jacket has rightfully earned a place in your wardrobe, anchie. Excellent styling. Pretty with the tonal scarf.

Anchie it looks fantastic I. Each of the ways you’ve styled it. Winner

Thank you all for kind words and encouragement to keep it. Yes, I am keeping it and already wearing it today exactly like in a first outfit with the white jeans.

OMG that jacket in blush is TDF love all the stylings!!! Killer fab!

It was meant to be - it flows into your closet seamlessly. All these outfits look great.

Fabulous item and styling. Lots of gorgeous outfits! A winner for sure.

OMG!!! So glad I came back to this thread, this jacket is absolutely meant to be part of your wardrobe. Good find!

I really love this on you, Anchie, and I'm so impressed by the wardrobe try-on. I NEVER do that but I clearly need to. I can really see the value of the process here: it suddenly makes the wardrobe addition so obvious. Of course you need this jacket! It works with everything!

Thank you, lyn67, karen13, Elizabeth P and Aquamarine. Your feedback means a lot to me.
viva - I don't do wardrobe try-outs for everything, but I learned my lesson. I need to do it when introducing new color or silhouette, especially in jackets. Sometimes I would think that it will work, but only when I try it on I see that colors don't look good together, or that proportions are off or that necklines are not compatible or that something is just off. Otherwise it becomes an orphan.

Your first 5 combos are amazing So elegant, lovely--and inspirational!

Plonk! It was meant to be in your wardrobe:) And the buttons didn't seem out of place with the light outfit.

Simply gorgeous styling - I am itching to copy a few of these looks! (I hope that is the sincerest form of flattery.) I particularly like 6, 8, and 10. Blush with red is a powerful combo. But they all are excellent. I have no problems with the dark buttons as you can easily echo them (if you wish) with jewelry or glasses.