I love these on your Janet and that blue is fantastic on you - I would probably size down (to your comment) so that it's still fluid but not quite as much so - but that's a matter of personal taste, it does look great on you as is.

Beloved Suz - it's the zipper! I'm sure of it (imho of course, but I am SURE )These would look great on you, I think. Just sayin' ...

I like the cobalt sweater on you and would suggest trying the size down as to my eye, there may be a bit of extra fabric (especially in the back view), allowing you to keep the slouch, yet gain some proportion.

I think you wear the skirted leggings well. If you want to, you can. Your fashion sense is quite well honed; it is really a matter of whether or not you want to play with this silhouette. As ever, you look fab.

I like this brand/style better than the shorter version.
It looks okay to good on you. Though I think it requires other items for optimal styling.
What I'm thinking is, where does this type of item fit in? It seems like its role ought to be super comfort/easy outfit and fit one's style. Because it's sporty and not dressy or classic or polished per se. So, I don't tend to see it as something that "amps up" style that much( but Una may be an exception, ok, not amping as if it's needed, but it works better as being as good as many of her cool outfits and so must mean somehow it's more her style--not even gonna try to figure that out further.)
It's the type of thing I wouldn't keep unless you see yourself wanting to wear it a lot (right now, at least, as for the season), in place of other warm/comfy items, as a jeans alternative, or something.

You can wear these with the best of them Janet. But do you want to?

Great thoughts, Shevia, unfrumped, and Eliza.

I guess I sometimes fear my reliance on jeans for my casual life gets a little boring. Dresses and skirts seem too fussy and dressy, so this seemed like a possible alternative that still allows me to be and look active and sporty and casual. I do like a touch of sporty in my style, but I want to keep it a little rocker sophisticate too. I'll have to continue to evaluate how these would fit into those goals.

Take the pants home and start messing around in your closet. I'm pretty sure you'll find the right shapes of top in there.

Full disclosure - I'm not a fan of leggings in general - and am sick to death of the leggings/tunic look.
I think these look fine on you - but (perhaps because of the above reasons?) they don't excite me like most of your outfits do. Also, the skirt just seems (to me) to be too short. I want to see a longer skirt with the leggings - otherwise (and I know I'm being controversial here!) it seems like a "little girl" look to me! (ducking!)

I think I lost the debate of skirted leggings but I just don't see the point of them. I think it could be better to layer a long shirt underneath your clothes or wear shorts/skirts over your leggings, but why narrow the options with skirted leggings? In this outfit, they just look like you have a long black sweater underneath the blue one (or is that the point of skirted leggings?). And a longer skirt I think would shorten your legs visually... I would've liked this outfit with a pair of thick black leggings. Those type of leggings that almost look like pants but that are thick enough to cover any bumps or look too revealing.
But anyhow, that's just my opinion, and who knows, maybe you'll convince me in the future and I'll start wearing them. I've found myself not liking some fashion trends and years later I'm wearing them. Like leggings.

Actually, I'm with unfrumped, Marley, and Dixie in not really seeing the lure of these skirted leggings. To my eye, they look OK--not great, but OK. I get the comfort and the desire to get out of jeans now and again, but the allure of these skirted leggings escapes me. They just look like a mini with tights, or yoga wear, to me. What am I missing?

Well, I think the topic has been thoroughly covered in Suz's threads, so I'm really not going to get too deep into this again.

To me, this is a potential alternative to jeans for those of us like Suz and I who lead casual lives and find skirts too precious or fussy (at least in cooler weather, when hosiery becomes a necessity) but also don't love the idea of just plain leggings. It's just another alternative, plain and simple, that doesn't involve layering a skirt over tights with the accompanying bunching, dual waistbands, etc.

I don't see what's so hard to get about this for a group of people who embrace everything from harem pants to silky track pants, etc...

In a way, all the controversy actually makes me want to wear them more! *insert devilish grin*

Hahahah... You made me laugh. But you're right, at the end you're the one wearing them and they don't look bad, they look exactly like if you put a skirt over a pair of leggings or a long shirt over them. I didn't think about having to deal with three waistbands, which is indeed annoying... Wait, what? Are you convincing me?

Thanks, Janet, for helping me open my mind a bit more. I think my problem is that I can't quite figure where these skirted leggings fit into a 40+ woman's lifestyle. Under 40, I can see them fitting the experimental, wear anything, anywhere attitude which makes me smile when I see those youngsters turning fashion upside down with their inventiveness. I guess that's why they seem to be a young look to me.

But, I get a bit bewildered at trying to figure it out for an older woman. If they replace jeans, does that mean you wear them anywhere you might wear jeans--like a casual Friday in the office? Or just to places where you might wear a micro mini skirt with tights like a club ? Or for around the home where you might otherwise be in sweats or loungewear? Or do I need to prepare myself for an onslaught of senior ladies of all shapes and sizes, clad in skirted leggings, in malls, offices, restaurants, and airports?

Hmmm, I think you might try the sweater a size down and see if it still skims your hips. EF runs so big. I remember I first wanted to try skirted leggings that were shown as gear but I never got around to it. It seemed like a great way to add butt coverage to spandex leggings. I guess I just see these as a new way to wear leggings with butt coverage. I feel like they might really catch on and soon we'll see all kinds of skirted leggings. I don't think I am hip enough to pull them off but I think you are. I would like to see the styling Rachylou mentioned.

High five Janet, I feel more compelled than ever to wear them as well. All this discussion has hardened my resolve in a very unexpected way!

I think the skirted leggings look fine on you, and I like them with the boots, it toughens them up a bit, which makes them more interesting to me. I'm not a fan of the fit of that sweater, though---(the color, which I think has been universally applauded, is great)---but in the words of my dear partner, "it's not doing you any favors". Not sure a size down would solve it, either---but if you love it, go for it. Confidence sells a lot of outfits.

I missed the earlier threads with talk about the pros and cons of skirted leggings, and maybe this was mentioned there--- they remind me of the phenomena in workout gear of VERY short skirts over shorts: either micro shorts, or longer shorts/capri pants. Either way, I don't get that particular look. In my daily boot camp, plenty of women wear them (especially the skirt over capri style) and I don't know if it's to conceal the tightness of the capri on the backside, or what---but it just strikes me as an odd combo. So, I understand why the skirted leggings are befuddling some members….

I can't decide whether to laugh or throw my hands up in frustration at this point.

For one thing, I don't really subscribe to the "over 40" idea of dressing. I do keep my dressing situation-appropriate. I'm an artist and a disc jockey -- basically my life has no imposed dress code. So yeah, in theory, I could wear these to the studio, out for errands, or even to work a shift at the radio station. I can walk around and photograph in them -- something I would not do in a skirt and tights outfit. There is a slight gear vibe to them, and I'm totally fine with that. I'm a runner and a cyclist, and there are days I stay in my running pants all day long, which pretty much look like these but without the skirt.

So *shrug* there is my take on them. I'm defending them pretty strongly considering I don't even know if they're joining my wardrobe yet, but this is my rationale for considering them. Is it really so horrifying to confront the shape of 50-year-old legs? Mid-thigh shorts didn't stir up this much controversy in the summer, and those actually put my cellulite and spider veins on display, unlike these!

Anyway, on to the sweater. Laurel and Jeanie, I tried the size down (in a different color, only the S was available in the blue), and indeed an XS works much better! So I ordered it.

What, next we over 40's should keep our arms covered too? Why is this such a hot-button topic for so many people? Why are opinions on suitability being voiced so readily? If you don't care for it, don't comment and move on to something that interests you more! I fail to see how the fussing over skirt length and all of this is relevant to a modern woman experimenting with something interesting and ROOTED IN AN ATHLETIC LOOK! We all wear things that others don't love - but these comments are veering into a too-personal tone. No-one need feel they are being coerced into wearing them - we are choosing to!

Janet - I've honestly kept out of this discussion. I'm 55 yo, I have great legs, I like long jackets and I like short skirts. I have a formal, professional, polished style and I have no issues incorporating leggings, leather leggings and skirted leggings into both my casual and professional wardrobe. YLF attracts people of all styles, all ages, all body types and I think that is awesome. So many stylish women wearing every possible style and combination under the sun. That is exactly how it should be. When I see outfits, styles, color choices, for me it's like visiting an art gallery, museum, designer showcase - a veritable wealth of different styling preferences all well done but completely different. I love it. Just as I love different types of art in museums, read books from every genre - I love any outfit that is well done and most importantly makes the wearer happy. I might never want to wear it but I can appreciate what that person responds to and loudly applaud it. So I have trouble when people become negative over a class of item. I strongly believe that any piece in the right context, right body type, right person, if you will, can be made stylish - hey even fabulous! I do not personally require anyone's "permission" to wear an item but no one lives in isolation and negative and sometimes judgmental comments can sting. When I first started following the forum no one was wearing leggings, which were a mainstay of my wardrobe. Even though I felt great in them I started to doubt myself - then right after that I saw photos of Vera Wang totally rocking a similiar leggings look and the press slobbered their adoration. This was followed by Angie giving leggings a try. That was an epiphany for me. If I allow others opinions to make me abandon something I love than I am not being true to myself - I become a herd animal. As long as I dress thoughtfully, appropiately, respectfully with understatement and ease, if I love what I wear, if it flatters and makes me feel and look great then I respectly choose to go my own way. I respect everyone's right to have them own style and I expect everyone to respect that I have a right to mine! So here's to leggings in all their many forms!! Janet if you find some words or thoughts of others that were meant to "scratch," start to "wound" you come sit by me. You as an artist know, personal vision is just what it is, but the important thing is to find your personal truth!! PS You look awesome girl. I would die to see those leggings with that amazing vest - the one with many colors like Joseph's coat - maybe too heavy but a thought.... Anyway that's my two cents - hugs to you!!

Great words, gryffin - and I so, so agree.

I like them on you. I like them on Suz too, for the record. I don't know if the proportions would be right, but I am so wanting to see these with your arty fabulous vest...I cannot remember the name of it, but it has a patina and colors like your photos. Oh and the top is a lovely color, glad you have ordered it.

Columbine and gryffin, what a great idea to try them with the Philip Lim vest! I will definitely add that to the try-on list. Maybe I'll get some time tomorrow to play in the closet a bit.

gryffin says it all imo - if you love them wear them if not don't

Janet I like the sweater in the size you have on.

I also found the love of skirted legging fasinating. To me, it won't be a jeans alternative. Instead, it will be skirt alternative. I never wear skirt and don't find them comfortable. This would be wearing pants that looks like a skirt. If I ever try one of this, that would be the reason.

I like the look on you, Janet, and I'm glad you down-sized on the sweater.

FWIW...I copied your look last night! DH gave it two thumbs up!

Moto/engineer boots make the look, and I like it with the tunic sweater, but I too would be a little bit happier with a slightly longer hem, not that much but 1-2" it would be great, otherwise why not wearing them if you like them?

Thanks for putting this outfit up on the forum --- Just today I was looking on the Gap website and I completely lost interest. All the models had a single body type. They were lovely, of course, but I couldn't begin to imagine how these closet items would look on me. That 's what I love about the forum: women of all shapes and style personas having fun with fashion. We learn so much from each other.

Firstly, I adore that sweater on you. The fabric, cut and color are sensational. I think a size down (xs) sounds like it would work fine. I like the leggings, too, and I appreciate the way they play into an arty-meets-athlete sort of vibe. This seems to fit who you are.