Love the plaid jacket. I really like your jeans, blazer, graphic tee formula. Just the right mix of casual, dressy and interesting.

Congratulations on returning to real life!

Beautiful outfits, Suz!
Hope the promo events for the book going well. I’ve read it and loved it!

Thank you so much, Irina!

And thank you, Brooklyn, too -- hope your return to real life happens soon as well.

Congrats on your recent professional successes! I have also had more “real meetings” lately and it feels so good to use the “third pieces” that were abandoned in the closet for so long. Still hot here, so I’m using a lot of vests of different lengths, instead of blazers.

Your outfits look approachable, comfortable, and interesting. Like you I keep wardrobe items for a long time and my style hasn’t really changed much over my adult life. (It is fun to see old photos and think “I would still wear that today if I had it!”) Therefore, like you I find ways to remix as new items enter my wardrobe or replace worn items. I think preferring classic or trendy classic style and wearing the same size for years cuts down on wardrobe churn but does necessitate searching for replacements.

You and your outfits always look fresh-your clothes don't look old or show wearing out in the picties at all-and you must be the best dressed teacher there- think your students are loving your outfits, I am sure my DD would love them (and mee, too!!) Especially love the shoe options, and the fuchsia experiment is a win!!! But really all are so well put together they look effortless, curent, professional and chic!

Great outfits and pieces! Your working wardrobe is so well-thought out! I really like that blue scarf in #1.
Every time I see that navy and red plaid blazer, I kick myself for returning mine. Looks so good on you!

I love the way you combine dressy and casual - you have the mix down perfectly and I can see if being just right as a professor. Congrats on the professional accomplishments!

These are classic Suz looks - a bit of fun (pattern mixing! sneakers!), a bit of trend, a bit of classic...I really love them, and am inspired to get out my toppers as the weather cools down here!

What a brilliant system of uniforms! I am going to contemplate how I might copy it. I have been flailing around ever since I started adding cropped, higher rise jeans and transitioning away from nothing but mid-rise skinnies--which I typically wore with long cardigans or tunics.

You have had a busy, busy fall! Adding two new courses at the last minute is no joke, especially on top of all of your other engagements related to your new book release! I love your style and you wear jackets so beautifully. I also love the outfit with the cropped, voluminous pants--it's unexpected, but really suits you. I can see how you'd be eager to add a few updates, but your current style is working so well!