Shorten it, just a smidge---just below the knee would be my vote. I like it with the navy sneaks. The cardigan isn't my favorite, due to the lack of contrast with the dress. Do you have a long necklace, with some sort of pendant? I would try accessorizing with something long and skinny---either a pendant, or a very skinny scarf.

I like it both lengths, but prefer shorter. Do you ahve any cardio that are shorter? While I don't have much experience with dresses, I found In a recent experiment with maxi skirts that for dresses/skirts, I need much shorter toppers.

Vote for shorter, too!

Actually I prefer it longer Elizabeth, it looks a bit more elegant to me? I like the cardigan but maybe something else would be a better coloured topper for the dress. And I like the yellow sneakers, fun.

Honestly I like the longer length. I think it is flattering and elegant as Jenni said. Perhaps the cardigan needs to be slightly more cropped to wear with a dress? The yellow shoes are awesome, btw.

I know I am making it more difficult for you, but I still vote for the longer length. I like all the shoes, but not the cardigan. Maybe denim jacket?

I like the longer length, or try even a bit shorter, just under the knee cap. The first time I washed my dress, I hung it to dry, and then gave it a quick iron. It grew a couple inches in length, and a bit in width. So, I threw it in the drier the next time, and it went back to the size it was when I bought it. Now, I either throw it in the drier every 2-3 washes, or partially dry it. Laying it flat to dry would probably work, but I don’t have the equipment/space for that.

Of the choices I prefer the longer length - more elegant, modern. But overall, I am pausing because you have really great legs. It's a shame to cover them up!

Great dress and sweater. I like the dress on the longer side but I agree with Viva. You have great legs. Why cover them up!

Thanks for the responses everyone, this has been really helpful.

In no particular order...

I think for now, I'll keep it long, and wear it. If I get it hemmed, it won't get it worn until Sept (as I have some vacation) and it would be nice to get a couple of wears in this year. Then I can see how it comes through the wash, and re-evaluate next year. If I do hem, I think I'll go a bit shorter than I have pinned it here.

I'm not sure I really want to look "elegant" in it, I was hoping for a fun casual dress. But I don't mind looking "modern", thanks Viva.

The citron sneakers have been awesome, I'm so glad I got them. Pil, they were from 2016 I think, so not surprising you can't find them. Angie did a blog post about them, just as I was discovering this colour, so I jumped.

Thanks for the legs compliments... I have plenty of short skirts and dresses, so no worries about them being hidden

And the cardigan. I think I will take a deep breath and let it go. I really love it, it's a great colour, and texture... but it just does NOT work for me. I got it for dresses, but as several mentioned, it's not short enough. And it's a bad length on me for wearing with pants. I got it in spring of 2017, and have worn it once (but not for lack of trying). And in that one outfit pic... I think it looks awful. I cringe when I see that pic.