I think it's very important as you as age to have stylish older-than-you role models because unfortunately, the media doesn't do a good job of showcasing all age groups in fashion.

(My late Mum would have been 75 this year and a stylish role model to me for sure. 16 years later and I still think about her all the time, visualizing what she might want to wear and "dressing" her in my head. It makes me very sad, yet comforts me too).

Back to reality, I feel fortunate that I have clients like Karen who are in their 70s and look sooo good, enjoying fashion with the best of them. I have a client who turns 80 this year and we discuss how we'll update her look each season. Truly, how brilliant is that! These clients work with me to get guidance and clarity, yet they are the ones that lead and inspire by example. They give me much more than I think I give to them.

I also have many clients in their 50s and 60s who are stylish deluxe, not to mention ALL the over 50 year youngs on this forum who rock my style world (you know you do, and I tell you every year).

When I walk in cities like Paris, Arnhem, Hong Kong and Tokyo, what hits me more than anything is how well put together the women who are older than me are (I'm 45). It's so very inspirational, and I love it.

There is no reason to feel forgotten and invisible as you age. You have the power to keep that fashion flame burring in your belly - and brightly too. Make sure you have stylish older-than-you role models, and be one yourself to others too.