A number of you have said on the blog post today that you don't see the point of the hip length coat because if you're going to wear a coat - it needs to be MORE insulating. Read on:

  • You might find it interesting to hear that hip length coats are VERY practical for people who run cold like me. They are warmer than leather jackets - which I can only wear in much warmer weather (like late Spring and Summer). So I wear my hip bone coats in Fall, on very MILD Winter days, and one style into Spring. I am wearing my hip length coats a lot now. And my heavy weight blazers - Boden and Smythe.
  • They are also very practical when you run hot or when your Winters are mild (like Sterling and Bijou suggested in the comments section).

Hip length coats still might not work for you, but I desperately wanted to clear that up.

AND, here in Seattle, the short hip length puffer - across a few thicknesses - is THE most worn topper on the street by women, men and kids. (Think Uniqlo). Puffers are taking over the world. Sneakers too.