Ah, Betty. Reference my above post. Black is meant to be mortifying

Sorry, peeps. Couldn't resist that one...

ps: exactly, Approprio.

It is ok, BettyCrocker.

Not every color is suited for every single person. Some of us like a certain color because we look great in it. Others like that same color because it coordinates with so much of their wardrobe. Still others like a certain color because it is readily available in retail.

I personally wear a lot of black (on my bottom half). I would very much like to find some Midnight Blue to build capsules around, but finding that color is challenging for me. I worry that I won't be able to build a solid capsule so I continue to buy black.

The beauty in life is that we are all very different. That difference is what makes life so fascinating.


Lol, well I don't know that morticia represents the everywoman!!

I just think the retailers need to give us more options. They used to... once upon a time...

I agree. I am very much wanting to expand my color palette. The limiting factor is finding the pieces in the stores AND I am very particular about my colors. I won't settle when it comes to color.

I wear A LOT of black. Black t-shirts, black skirt, black sweaters, black slacks, etc. I feel slimmer and better about myself in black but I ALWAYS have a pop of color whether a necklace, bright scarf, or other piece of clothing. Part of that may also come from being a dancer (a lot of us wear darker colors because of the sweat stains) and it looks very polished. I've had people (usually not very kind ones) tell me I wear too much black but others tell me it suits me and they are the ones that know that my outside personality is a bit more reserved until you get to know me and I'm also just a "darker" person. I understand that some don't look good in it but a lot of people do.

Ah well Betty, that would be frustrating, if you can't find the neutral that you prefer ... Winter is probably the worst time of year to find variety, too! Hopefully the spring will bring you some more navy choices

I wrote this a year ago and my thoughts have not changed."Why does black sing the sirens song for me? I think I could write a book about that! Black "gets" me on so many levels - not just flattering my complexion, but on emotional levels which express my message. Black provides the negative space that I can fill. It embodies the qualities of mystery, quietness, intelligence, formality, and simplicity. It is powerful and can be conservative, edgy, avant garde or elegant in turn. These qualities are the message I wish to convey - these things are me." I firmly believe black is worn best when it's a choice and not a default. You either "get" black and it "gets" you, or you don't. Nothing wrong either way. There are so many colors in the rainbow - something is right for everyone. But black, at it's best, is an experience, an attitude, a perspective and a way of being. You have to inhabit black. But for those of us who love it, honestly, there really is not another color that gives the same experience. If it does not bring you joy, that's fine, diversity is a marvelous thing, and I applaud you on finding a color that brings you pleasure. Plus, bottom line, more for me!!

Betty, have you looked at Talbots? I am stuck at home (remodel going on) and I flipped through their catalog that came in the last couple days, and have gone online, and it appears they have a lot of navy pants. My first impression of the catalog was that it was very nautical and preppy. You might find non black pants that you like.

I actually bought 2 pair of curvy fit navy pants from Talbot's, and that's the only place I've been able to find pants in navy that actually fit properly. I don't want more of the same, though. I want navy pants, yes, but in a different silouette. I can't wear anything other than curvy fit, and I'm tiring of the ankle pants, which is what most stores are pushing on us these days.

May I defer to Gryffin's eloquent response;). My wardrobe is a sea of black. It's beautiful, stylish, luxurious, edgy, classic... It's everything I need it to be:)

My hair is black, so I'm never NOT wearing the color! I no longer wear high-coverage black tops (high neckline + long sleeves without pushing up the sleeves) because the look is a bit funereal with my hair blending in, but I love black for its versatility and bookending.

I couldn't live without black shoes. Grey has all kinds of difficult-to-match undertones, navy or ink blends too much with my staple dark-wash jeans, and brown or white has to be worked in very intentionally due to the anti-bookend effect with my hair.

Kl, I have the same issue with ink and navy ... Love them with white pants but not with jeans.

I love black. I prefer not to wear black. I don't feel great in it. DH#1 wore black like no one I have ever seen. He sparkled in it. It was a WOW colour on him. I still get shivers thinking of him in black. DH#2 looks great in black. Better in gray.
I have black in my wardrobe out of necessity. I need certain items and they only come in black. We had this conversation already.
I do prefer black mascara.

I couldn't banish black completely and take lots of it for travel, especially for urban areas. I could do without black shoes. If greys or navys paired up as easily as blacks do, I'd go with them instead.

For me black is a foundation. That's it in a nutshell. I learned a long time ago that if I have just a few great black pieces in my closet--pants, skirt, jacket, dress--I always have something appropriate to wear. Black dresses up or down with ease. A change of top, a change of shoes or jewelry or scarf, and I'm good to go. Black isn't necessarily my best color. Black isn't always the color I choose when picking out what to wear. But if I have those items I can make an outfit 99.9% of the time that is completely acceptable for the occasion. Even in sparkly wear I have a black jet bead top and long silk skirt that can, in a pinch, go anywhere.

I just realized I had 2 pairs of black pants too many, and decided to donate them to charity. I'm okay with only 2 or 3 pairs of black pants max, as I much prefer my dark neutrals be charcoal or navy. I keep a little black only for those times when I really need to wear it. I have one black dress, and that's it. I try my best to keep black away from my face. I'm trying to add more blue to my wardrobe and phase out the black, but it will take some time, as certain items seem to be only available in black.

i love black, first because its neutral and i love it with grey white and navy; and because of little black dresses

black makes me sexy! hahaha

Black makes me feel grounded. It's the color in which I feel most like myself.

I think the importance has been pretty well covered but I'm not sure animals appreciate it. My fish are startled by it unless I approach the tank very slowly and if we're in the car, the dog is most likely to growl at backpacks, hats, long coats, and/or black clothing. Maybe the density of it?

Here's something I've noticed many times: a piece will almost always look a bit dressier if it is black. So for travel, or events where the degree of formality is unclear, black basics form a useful strategy.

I'm just plain tired of black, and think my dark navy looks every bit as dressy. Those who look and/or feel fab in black have my blessing. I have nothing against it when worn by people who truly rock it. It's just not a color I've ever really loved, and the older I get, the less I like it.

I prefer navy, but it's easier to find black. When I can find navy, I buy it. I've never been without a navy blazer my whole adult life, and I always feel classy and like myself in navy. I feel like navy is a better base for pinks. I think my coloring, even without the greying hair, holds its own more against navy than black, but I can suck it up and wear black, and in fact just bought two mostly-black dresses.