If you've been reading my other posts, you know that I
1) hate the hot weather where I live (Austin, TX)
2) was supposed to move to Portland, OR this spring, but it was delayed
3) was so excited to move to Portland I gave away all my summer stuff

What I didn't tell you (yet) was that I spent some serious cash on clothes for Portland. Two vintage Helmut Lang trenches. Long cashmere sweater coats. More boots. Etc. These items are gorgeous and hanging in my closet. I will not get to wear them here.

But I love them. I'm not sorry. Most of them are classics that will not date and I will thrilled when I can take them out of hibernation when we FINALLY AS WE MUST OR I WILL COMMIT MURDER move.

What do you have that makes you happy, even though you don't use it? What are you NOT sorry to own?