Taking a step back and getting it together.

After my initial rush of excitement at finding this wonderful community of like-minded women of all ages and from all over the world (I'm Canadian myself) and discovering what wonderful things I can learn from Angie and all of you .....and then bingeing on the images of clothes, shoes, boots, bags etc from the recent NAS, I'm dedicating the next 6 weeks to laying the groundwork for a workable new wardrobe .

Something Angie wrote in one of the million things I have read of hers in the past month stuck in my brain, and it had to do with being organized and set with the basics first : undies, bras, tanks/camis and socks,tights, even shoe insoles and pads , etc. All the boring stuff. But you know something- it's exactly like painting and laying down a rug before you load up on furniture and accessories. I have enough clothing to last forever (lots of it the wrong stuff, mind you, but still...) and after my mini binge this week of YLF endorsed things like the Converse Hi Ness, the VC tube skirt, a lace bomber jacket and a new pair of shootie/bootie things....I gave myself the proverbial slap across the face to stop the madness and reminded myself of my plan.

Step back, make a plan, write it down (there is a funnier saying involving a 4 letter word that I've seen but I won't type it here) , and stick to it. I'm always in a rush, my drawers and closets are not organized and can get messy, I never know where anything is, forget what I own, hate trying on in stores, and I make bad purchasing decisions because of all of this. Right after signing on with YLF, I went through my spring/summer stuff and filled 4 big green garbage bags full of clothes , shoes and bags to donate to the Salvation Army. I hate having so much stuff - it's wasteful, shameful and so unnecessary.

My plan is to start at the beginning: get re-stocked on a couple of new bras and some panties (I only wear Hanky Panky thongs - other undies make me feel like I am wearing gym shorts under my pants - wish I could wear other , cuter things but... ) , the perfect, high-quality underpinnings (will try the Shimera tank and cami for this) and take an inventory of my winter sock/tight situation. No clothes, no boots, no bags. A clean, well -organized and curated basics selection can only make your clothing hang, feel, and wear better. This is my story, and I'm sticking to it- for as long as I can before the fall leathers and suedes and cashmeres suck me into their grip in September.