It's taken me an entire year to finally get back to life and YLF. But here I am I don't know how often I will post. Our first baby is due Christmas, and I am currently wearing maternity clothes. I try to keep things stylish though maternity has challenges. H&M can run rather small, Old Navy is hit and miss (isn"t it always?) and the really beautiful maternity labels are pricey. I tried ThredUp but was really disappointed. Some of the items for sale in maternity category were NOT maternity when they arrived! So I am borrowing from girlfriends and just doing my own thing. It's such a brief season that 9 months wearing leggings and tunics--though mostly tank tops and granny panties at home, thank you FL keys climate-- is what it is.

I have basically been indoors in our small trailer for six solid months, to protect the baby from Zika outbreak. Yes I am going crazy, but his health is worth it.

Anyway... photos of current baby-ified self here

My hsuband and I are headed back home to the mountains for 10 days. I splurged and bought a new blouse and booties to wear ine the cool weather.

Have missed you all so, so much! xoxo fabbers!