I have items in online shopping carts at AllSaints, Nordstrom, Anthropologie and JCrew but I can't decide what to order.

I haven't identified any real wardrobe holes...part of that is we are just now getting into the 60s and I've only been able to wear lightweight Fall items a few times. Part of it is that I did well last year, so I have a lot of things I like. I really could survive without buying anything, but cold weather clothes are my favorites and I just want to enjoy buying some and adding some new things!

I know the types of things I will wear, so it's not like the items would be wasted. But it feels wrong to be buying without a strong goal or direction. I like a multitude of things that I am seeing, but no strong can't live without kind of love yet either. I feel like I should hold out for true love, but I'm really getting the shopping itchies! What should I do?