On the Okalas, that is! I was fascinated with them but had reasons not to get them:

1. I have permanent swelling around one ankle due to multiple sprains;
2. I have a wide-ish foot;
3. I am easily stumpified;
4. I didn't believe that they're comfortable.

Well, I finally tried them on, and bought them! Here are the answers to my concerns:

1. Turns out the strap goes above the ankle bone, and the swelling is below. Also, the swelling isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was! Have you ever had the experience that some body flaw was less bad than you thought?
2. I sized up half a size and there was room for my foot without the shoe being too long.
3. I bought nude, partly because I was replacing a nude pump, and partly to have a longer leg line. But I also found that the styling of the shoe is quite elongating in many ways! I would be open to higher contrast!
4. Yesterday I wore them to church (standing most of the service because I'm in the choir), to Farmer's Market, and to shopping at a mall--no pain!

I thought I'd set all this down in case you're like me and think you can't wear the Okalas, but can't get them out of your head!