....... It would be called SteinMart.

I don't know how many of your are close to a SteinMart, but it's much like T.J. Maxx, but stays close to it's Southern (Mississipi) roots. There is a lot of color, and a generous amount of bling in the selections, including Michael Kors, Vince Camuto, Anne Klein, and Cable and Gauge. The store has a great handbag collection and a nice selection of homewares, much like TJ Maxx.

It's a great place to go to look for holiday and evening wear (when bling is not just for Belles). One must be careful, however --- you could easily create outfits that are bold and fun -- but not suitable for life outside the circus.

OK, I overstate. But I also speak from experience.

Which brings me to my recent selections:

1. This is a scuba type skirt. It has a stylized animal print in greys and black on a neutral background, and a great and comfy fit. It's bold, but versatile, and fits well (the fold is from the movement of my leg, it's not too small) I love me a good pencil, but have fewer places to wear one this year, so this would be the only skirt addition for the season. Is it a keeper?

2/3. Jo-jo-jo-seph! This is a garment to make the sibs jealous. I just have to stay away from abandoned wells and slave traders, and I'm good! Seriously, I like the fun colors, and the sweater is lightweight and comfy. Is it a great way to brighten the winter? Or a big-o mistake? Please remember that I have not a boho bone in my body, and I love color, but often suspect that is makes me seem a bit less sophisticated. It is a good deal, so it won't make a big dent in the budget. I'm of two minds on this one.

4. A bonus pic of my shopping outfit. It is so hard to capture the colors here -- the cardi is deepest purple (INC, from last season) and the pants are houndstooth check. Notice the square round toe shoes. The shoes are 3 years old, from Lifestride. A similar version is still being made. The smudges aren't on me --- they're on the dressing room mirror, lol!

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