I would appreciate your help regarding my work wardrobe. I always run cold so had my winter office uniform consisting of layering wool and cashmere sweaters worn under blazers. Dress pants or skirts as bottoms, with boots or high top sneakers. But suddenly, due to a hopefully temporary medical condition, I am running very warm and sweaty.
I have been out of office for almost a month on sick leave but I am finally feeling little better and should return to office on Monday. I tried putting on sweaters but I immediately start to overheat. I have a couple of blouses that I wear in summer but they seem wrong in winter. I don’t wear t-shirts to work, they seem too casual. Wearing a blazer or cardigan will probably also be too much, so a top needs to be professional looking to wear on its own and hopefully hide the sweat. Do you have any recommendations what to wear in this condition? I need a quick and hopefully cheap solution. I have 2 cotton shirts that I think will work, but don’t think that it is enough.