Forum Challenge

To try and have some fun in this grim 2020 there are a couple of options for a forum challenge


1) Develop two at home outfits that give you joy


2) Develop two outfits based on "denim and a tee" that represent your style. It could be a denim skirt, jeans or shorts and it could be a knit tee or a woven tee....

You can use as a chance to demonstrate your own style, or to try and develop a few simple looks that work for you and get forum ideas. I know it is mid winter here - and mid summer for many of you - but I am sure we can make it work.

Post them to the forum over the next week or so on your own thread.

Hi All

There has been some discussion about a forum challenge in other threads. I know some of us have been doing the holding zone review as one idea.

I don't have anything fixed in mind but here are two ideas to riff on..

  • Developing three stylish at home options (or maybe an at home uniform)
  • Inspired by...... taking a piece and building a look or looks around it. I saw two youtube videos with Alyssa Beltempo and Marie Anne Lecoeur where they took jeans and a white tee and came up with five Italian and French looks. We could take jeans and a tee and come up with three great versions true to our own style?

I have been doing a couple of small challenges myself - trying to wear my scarves and tie them in a better fashion, and I have really honed down my essentials and written them out....to see where my gaps really are. I will post about this seperately.