Just a short notice. I have been waiting for this post! So happy you had an amazing time and fun to read how the capsule in action and that the layering worked well. You look so FAB! I'll come back and read more thoroughly later. What a treat

ETA: couldn't resist. The culture, history and landscape of Iceland is so fascinating! Fun that Knausgård gave a talk. He is an intriguing character, indeed. Literature professor Toril Moi had some very interesting remarks on his authorship that is worth looking at, if you are interested in the fiction/non-fiction/autobiography debate. I think she also discuss how gender influence the reviews and reception in general. And yes, I LOVE the Nordic summer light! I think my location is about the same latitude as Iceland and last night a friend of mine and I saw the sun set at midnight and rise a few hours later.

What a fabulous trip! Thank you so much for sharing with us! The light, the colors, the severe beauty, are all astonishing. Love the bits of color among the snug and cozy items in your outfits!

The pictures are gorgeous and you are so stylish. I am glad you have so wonderful trip.

Amazing photos, Suz! Glad you brought your puffer. And Knausgaard?! Jealous! I end up with a sore throat every single time I fly -- take care.

No doubt you were the best dressed person in Iceland...what a beautiful travel capsule! Gorgeous head to toe!

Wow! I am gawking as much at your outfits as the scenery shots ! Sounds like a wonderful trip and you were hitting all the style notes perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for sharing your travel pics, Suz! The scenery is stunning, and I can imagine it is even lovelier in person. You looked super stylish, and am glad to hear the capsule worked so well.

Your trip sounds amazing, the scenery looks absolutely stunning and you look beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures.

Thank you all for the kind compliments. I will look up Toril Moi's remarks on Knausgard, Harmonica. I read Siri Hustvedt on him and that was interesting for sure. I have only read the first volume of his struggle.

I'm amazed by the 11:30pm light in #5, thanks for sharing.
You look great, you seem to have a good handle on the colours that suit your grey hair now.

WOW, Suz. That's fun and fascinating heritage. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it, and feel a little validated!

Oh my goodness! You're making me want to go back to Iceland. I had a short trip there about 12 years ago and would like to go back and see more.

Your travel capsule is stunning. You look very appropriately dressed for stylish travel.

I saw this in the weekend but was on my phone so wanted to see the photos on a bigger screen. It sounds like a wonderful trip and your clothing is very stylish indeed. So glad it went well and hope the throat is improving!!

Beautiful all around! Thanks for sharing and glad you had a good time.

What an amazing trip - celebrities, nature, current cultural events - WOW!

I think sometimes we forget that it is possible to under-pack, as well as over-pack. Sounds like you hit it on the nose in that regard! Cold weather trips make staying within carryon limits tough - once you need more than one coat and multiple sweaters, it gets difficult.

Good thing you researched what clothes to take, Suz

Yay, I was hoping you would post a travel update.
Brilliant that everything you packed was put to good use. You looked stylish and fab every day, Suz, and marvelous that Iceland was everything you hoped for (it is very high on my travel destination list). Such a stunningly beautiful country, WOW!

I love trip and packing posts! I'm impressed that you fit everything into your carry-on, but I've had the problem of overweight bags too. I think I'm doing so good in my packing only to find out the bag is too heavy. Once this happened on the return trip and I didn't realize it was too heavy until the bag was weighed at the airport. DH and I ended up partially unpacking our bags and moving things around to distribute the weight more evenly to avoid a bag fee.

Thank you for posting this! I love your photos and your outfits. Beautiful all around.

I could have sworn I commented on this already... but maybe not!

I did a four day stop over in Iceland on my way back from Sweden/Norway, a gazillion years ago. Loved every minute of it, and it's very high on my list of places to return to some day. Your photos are gorgeous, you're reigniting my interest!

I can't believe you did that climate in a carry on... good for you! And with a variety of needs (conference wear plus retreat wear). I'm in awe. Esp as you looked stylish and put together, not just in quick dry gear

Will look at your list carefully and file it for future reference. I'm heading to Scotland for two weeks this summer, and am wondering if I should take the carry on challenge myself. Hmm.

TFS! Would love to see more photos!

Fabulous vacay wardrobe and pics! Thank you for sharing!

wow, what a great report, fab travel capsule, and LOVE your info on the history of Iceland ethnicities. I can see how you felt like you fit right in.

I visited the Orkney Islands some years ago in June. Their climate is similar to what you describe, including those long summer days (and long winter nights). Their ethnicity is half Scottish/Irish and half Norse, although your story about what the slaves did to stay warm in Iceland probably applies in Orkney too :-). I stayed in a Castle-turned-BnB for 2 nights and spent one day indoors in the library while it poured outside....and in that library was a very old copy of "The Icelandic Sagas" that had been collected by the original aristocrat who built the castle in the mid 1800s. I really wanted to look at it but no way they were allowing anyone to touch it. If you run out of things to read on Iceland.....

That "waiting for summer since 1926" is really funny. I hear that parts of Alaska are similar. Your photos are absolutely fabulous!

Marveling that you managed to get all of that awesomeness into a carry on, heavy or not.
I have no knowledge of Iceland, but I guess I've seen iconic photos over time because this is exactly what I would have imagined, and then a whole lot more. And you really do look like you belong there!
Like Joy, there is something about #3 that makes it my favorite out of every last fab outfit.

(Side note - interesting information about the ethnicity/heritage there. I'm rapidly learning about ancestry via DNA testing and genetics as my son is applying to companies like 23andme and I'm doing research with him!)