As I was getting dressed this morning for work, I slipped into a pair of charcoal colored ponte pants and bright white oversized linen shirt (very different from yesterday, but same exact color scheme).

It suddenly occurred to me that my outfit did not spark happiness. It was more of a shield against calling too much attention myself. I've often referred to my outfits as "uniforms," but I wondered if it felt more like "armor." I certainly feel very safe in my choice. I also feel capable. Being perceived as capable in the work place is important to me so perhaps I have struck upon the correct formula.

But I did take a moment to wonder about that happiness factor. When I come home this evening, I am going to peruse my closet to see what pieces I have spark happiness. From my position on the bed, I am thinking it is probably less than five.

I have had items that sparked happiness in the past because, although I can't remember the specific exact items, I do remember the feelings.