Clearly, I am feeling the florals (not just this week but for the season, really). 3 of 5 floral days for this work week and I used to not be that big on them. I still love my geometrics, but I think there has been an influx in the type of floral I'm drawn to the last two years. I'm going to attribute it to a sudden and surprisingly warm week after a lot of cool and rain

#1 Monday - I decided to celebrate the warmest day of the week by letting out a little bare leg (woo!). With the short-over-long and high contrast colorway, this outfit has a whole bunch of horizontal lines but since I kept a few of the low contrast it's not too cutting. A favorite spring color combo, blue+white+black with a touch of bright orange (lipstick), along with swapping out the gold jewelry I've been favoring the past few seasons for some well-loved older silver pieces.

#2/3 Tuesday - This day I needed nails for work that could take me to a baseball game afterward, so I went a bit more casual. Basic requirements: A long sleeve tee so I could easily pop my jersey over the top, good walking shoes, and a synthetic bag that doesn't easily get dirty. Dressed that up with trousers and a statement necklace, along with an asymmetrical semi-truck for some added visual interest with the tee.

#4 Wednesday - Inspired by this outfit. My husband and I carpooled to work this day, which meant I had to get up a few hours earlier than normal. I was rushing quite a bit (so not a morning person), including on the photo front, though hubby was sweet and helped me take them quickly. This was also Una's birthday and this sheer blouse, which I purchased while with her and other fabbers in LA two years back, always makes me think of her so I was happy to have happened to wear it.

#5 Friday - I was thinking about wearing the bomber+pencil formula Angie posted that morning, but decided instead to give this thick Ponte top another wear since I'll have to put it away soon. This is a decidedly boxy look, what with the actually-boxed-shaped top and non-tapered pencil skirt, and felt a bit different than most of my volume-on-volume looks because both materials are somewhat stiff. My sis wasn't into the white pumps with this outfit, perhaps black would have been better.

#6 - Nails for the week, nice and simple. I had the hardest time getting these to photograph accurately. In low light, it turns a purple-pinky nude while in the light it sparkles green-gold, and is sprinkled throughout with blush glitters. Really like the dual nature of this!