I am not one to go chasing after trends/fads, and cannot imagine trying to force something into my wardrobe because it's "in," but this plaid thing.... I have a strange relationship with plaid; I really like it--on other
people, mannequins, and hangers. But once I put it on me, it often feels too big and obnoxious. I'm trying to think of ways to ride the plaid wave without ditching out because it turned out that the plaid I bought doesn't feel like me. I don't want to repeat a past pattern--buying a piece that I think will be "fun" and then leaving it in my closet.

The two items in finds are the only two plaid items in my wardrobe right now--a jacket and pajama shorts. I will put Finds I've considered buying recently that turned out to be plaid in the comments, so as not to mix things up.

Some items I'm thinking of adding in plaid are a waterproof jacket/rain coat in plaid, pants in watch plaid, and just maybe this T-neck that sucked me into a store the other day. I might also go looking for tone-on-tone plaid tights, maybe in black. There's also this adorable made-in-Berlin dress that's close to my price because it's from last season. It's a size that I'd like to be, but clearly doesn't fit now.

I want to buy things that are locally made. The dress counts, of course. The T-neck is from Italy.

Those of you who "know" me on here, what do you think? What plaids would work well for me?