For the past 1.75 years I've taken photos of my outfits and posted them online to the site "Weardrobe" (which just takes a photo, catalogs items, and a very brief bit of text). It was a fabulous way for me to track my growth, see how I've worn things, etc. but certainly not a true "style blog". A few of you may have noticed I'd removed the link from my profile; they were apparently bought by Google and the entire site taken down. There wasn't much notification, just one email that I hadn't caught, so I noticed my site was gone while in LA (not the best time, I was very sad). Upon return Heather suggested I take the plunge and start a Real, Actual Blog. So I did! It can be found here:

I'm still working out layout kinks, post kinks, all that. But it's basically in final form, if a week behind; hoping to get everything up this weekend and from there start posting outfits daily. I wanted to share my exciting venture with you all

(Thank you thank you Heather and Ornella for all your wonderful feedback on the site!!)