Angie's post on combining hat, scarf, and gloves really got me thinking. I have lots of scarves and several hats and pairs of gloves. Some go well with each other, some are kind of orphans. And I have a LOT of trouble combining them nicely with my coats. Some of them seem too young or casual for my style now. A number of the scarves have a lot of brown, which I'm really not wearing at all now.

I could really use some more hats and gloves, too. I prefer leather gloves now, for driving and for insulation in the wind, and I would like berets that fit my big head and cover my ears. But without knowing what colors to focus on, I'm pretty aimless. I can't even donate stuff because I'm afraid of needing it as a key piece if I DO figure this out.

Coats first:

* Navy quilted coat
* Green hooded coat
* Pink and gray tweed flared coat
* Black high/lo coat with stand collar
* Navy and silver puffer jacket
* Black long puffer

And then all the rest! Scarves:
* Pink knitted (extra long)
* Cream ruffly
* Black watch plaid wool muffler (short and small, best inside a coat)
* Green, pink, & cream knitted
* Maroon, white, & gray school spirit knitted
* 4 plaid pashminas (burgundy, brown, & black; blue & brown; white, red, blue, & green; cream, black, tan, & red)

* Pink knitted beret (fits well)
* Brick red knitted beret
* Navy cloth beret (does not cover the ears)
* White furry earmuffs

* Black leather & suede
* Green leather
* Tan leather
* Red wool
* Cream knitted convertible mitts

If you made it to this point, what combinations do you see with my coats? I can see combinations in the accessories, but not with all of the coats. The T Tahari navy coat and the black one with the high collar are particularly tricky. They're close enough at the throat that it's hard to tuck a scarf inside.

(If you're really curious, I made a collection of all of my coats and accessories. It includes some hats that aren't really pertinent to this discussion, and my vintage coat collection.)