Joyful, it is great to have you on the forum and this is most definitely a question that most of us are struggling with in one way or another.

I have just changed jobs and have joined the ranks of 'working from home'. For me, I have daily video conferences which is a good reason to stay in the smart casual realm rather than stay in my PJs or gear. I enjoy wearing make-up and doing my hair everyday even if no one sees me, for the psychological reason that this feels like 'me'.

Angie says it perfectly, with your great hair and ink, you look inherently stylish, but at the end of the day it is how you feel that really matters.

I think this is common. I went from being an every day make-up wearer to every few days now. My structured bras aren't worn very much, as I've been preferring the type of yoga bras Sterling pictured on the prior page. Your jeans + tees+ sneakers style is right up my alley! You look great!