Very busy week and somehow missed this post but I just had to chime in wit "Gasp"! The skirt and entire outfit is sublime!!! I am sooo envious of your pattern and color mixing skills! I absolutely love looking at you in this ensemble.

I rewatched Gladiator the other day and couldn't imagine anyone else but Sam playing Russell Crowe's fierce war dog during the opening battle scene with the Barbarians.

How was his acting skills, you ask ? ...Well, he chewed the scenery !!

Oooh, isn’t that cool! I adore the cheerful top and the pattern mixing. A great spring look.

What a beautiful outfit on you, it’s just perfect.
I wish I could wear a skirt like that but the asymmetry makes me look a lot shorter. I will enjoy it on you.

What a beautiful outfit and so Angie. Swish is important. You are gorgeous

Looking amazing! Your use of color is a triumph. You're inspiring me to venture out of the jeans/white/black/tan zone!

You're all lovely. Thank you.