I love it all, especially since I am a skirt gal

Enjoy the nice weather. We're getting snow tomorrow

Love the proportions, the pattern mixing --- and the swish! Looks great!

Ok. Eclectic may not the exact word, hehe. I mean there was this delightful belt way back: https://youlookfab.com/2009/03.....oral-belt/

Lovely outfit, but I'm concerned it won't ride well in the Yorkie chariot

Gorgeous, and I love the pops of red! YLF as always !!!

Queen Chevron wants YOUR top.


Absolutely mood boostingly beautiful combination of modern retro and very current colors and styles with your beautiful smile (even when smirking). I like your hair project too!

Very quick thank you for the awfully kind comments. So nice

A ray of gorgeous sunshine, you look FAB. I am so glad you have had a respite from all the cold weather. Enjoy!

I adore this. I even went madly clicking through on the Zara top only to remember I can’t wear citron
I love your OOTDs! Your outfits photograph beautifully without needing a fancy camera and photo shoot, and we get to see how you put all your beautiful pieces together.

Skirt twin! This outfit looks so fresh and happy! I am motivated to wear my swishy skirt again today!

Love to see you in a skirt. Very nice pullover. Playful addition of red shoes bookending red glasses. This kind of bookending is a technique I often use myself, as I have quite a collection of bold glasses and several bold shoes.

I don't remember what OOTD means.

Thank you, thank you!:-)) My serial requests have been heard and fulfilled! I cannot be happier, to see you, Angie, posting a killer outfit-again! Love the skirt, the happy colors and the pattern mix, but the red shoes and the red specs are really elevating it from more predictable to a gorgeous and original twist! And, YLF, of course!!!

I love the citron with your blues and reds, it is a perfect spring combination. This skirt is gorgeous and such a great length.

Oh, ladies. You make me laugh and blush.

Lisa P, I’m excited to be growing out part of my hair. This year is all about change. White shoes work well too

Katerina, Jaime, Mirjana, you’re awfully gracious. Thank you so much.

Delurked, your type of skirt.

Staysfit, one of my favourite skirts of all time. It’s magical. HIGH FIVE.

Bella, and yet we BOTH love our Converse hi-tops.

Janet, RunCarla, Carla, Sara, Gail, Bijou and Beth Ann, you are lovely. I appreciate your compliments.

Karen13 and Lyn67, awwwwH. Thanks for missing my outfit posts. This is the best I can do these days. It’s something.

Anchie, cheeky - watch the forum today…...

Diana, thanks for the hair love. I'm enjoying the process.

Mainelady, YES. Love yellow and red. Versatile in my wardrobe.

AJ, I don’t wear slips. But wear hose from time to time to stay warm.

Suntiger, the Kingdom of Swoosh invites you.

Karie, oh no. GO AWAY SNOW.

Rachy, NICE. Perhaps Playful is the right word?

Cee, Yorkies gave a paws up. All good.

Brooklyn, Queen Chevron can borrow it. It comes with tea, cake and a Sam snuggle. That's better than the top!

Jules, what a LOVELY thing to say. Thank you so much. And you crack me up.

The Cat, HIGH FIVE, and #OOTD = Outfit Of The Day

Very late here, but just had to say how amazing you look in this whole outfit. Plus, I had the luck to see you wearing this skirt in person and I know how nice it swooshes and looks even better then on the photos.

So when will we see the new one?

Gorgeous outfit, Angie. I love that skirt so much that I'm making a similar one. And I love the color combination.

Gorgeous as always.

So pretty, Angie! I love the pattern mix and the pops of red/ watermelon.

I am glad you're loving some girly looks again! They suit you -- and I'm betting your dad is thrilled.

Suntiger, posted just for you.

Sharan, you're a honey.

JP, how creative, and I'd like to see the finished master piece.

Marilyn and Smittie, thank you.

April, as a YLF Golden Oldie, I love that you've noticed that I've come full circle with my style - and YUP, Papa will be happy

Thank you! Your skirts make me happy
We had 2 glorious days, but back to cold this week...back to tights-sigh...I promise a happyweek (to counter grumpyweek) in May though!

Can I just say - you look SUBLIME. Happy and glowing and those colours are PERFECT on you. I love this!

Yes, I'm a YLF old-timer and I must admit those seasons of a strict, more androgynous Angie style were hard times for me. The return of the pearls made me *so* happy.

And... Flowy skirts and no tights?? So envious... We are at least two months away from that in Toronto!

I love it! And I'm about to snatch your handbag off your bed!

Roxanna, thank you. YES. Freak gorgeous warm weather - no hose.

April, you crack me up. Glad YLF times aren't hard anymore

Dana, I would love that. Come on over for tea and cake.

Suntiger, sending you some of our gorgeous weather.