The hard work I've put into wardrobe planning and capsule building is paying off and the timing could not be better.  I am completely overcommitted at work this fall, so I have very little free time to shop in person and have to limit my online perusal to short breaks.  But thanks to a few years hanging around YLF I feel like I have a clear idea of my needs and wants.  So much so that I spent literally less than 5 minutes looking over the new JCrew fall items and placed an order.  This is unheard of!  No waiting for the 40% off promotion! No wringing my hands over colors!  No second thoughts about the total $!  There is definitely freedom in understanding what my needs are and what my budget will allow. 

I bought:

A blue v-neck with a fun sleeve detail.  I prefer v-necks when I can find them and need some light to midtown tops to balance out darker colors.

A striped sweater in a wildcard color combination.  Striped tops are a wardrobe essential for me.  I don't usually wear caramel, but I figured black/white stripe tops are a dime a dozen so I should try something new.

A sweater jacket.  I am constantly after casual toppers and it's hard to find them in light colors.  I hope this color does not skew too warm. We'll see.

Of course, I will need to try these pieces on.  They are not necessarily slam dunks and I will need to assess color and fit in person.  I'll report back when they arrive.  Happy fall shopping everyone!