I would love to hear your input on these thoughts:

Now I am sure some people just get this intuitively, but I am not one of those people. I was today years old when realized why dressing well can be so complicated. I know "dressing well" is subjective, but for me it means the opposite of what I feel when I open my closet. How can I have so many clothes, so many objectively gorgeous pieces, and still not be able to put together outfits, still feel unkempt and unfinished, still look like I have no idea what I'm doing? I am being overly dramatic here, and have improved quite a bit, but that is mainly because I have unknowingly progressed through these steps:

(English is not my first language, so excuse the many "should's". What would be a better word?)

The very basics:
0. Clothes should be weather- and activity appropriate. (Edit: how could I skip this part).
1. Clothes should be the right size.
2. They should be the right colour for you.
3. They should align with your style-ID (or yin-yang balance or whatever).

Now it gets even trickier:
*. Clothes should work together to make outfits. (Edit: added).
4. Outfits should look current.
5. The outfit should have some textural interest, that flatters your "texture". At least doesn't fight it.
6. Outfits should express something about YOU, your persona. Edit: it should look AUTHENTIC to you.

And I am sure more steps that I haven't wrapped my head around yet.

I was stuck at #2 for the longest time and so frustrated that I still couldn't seem to get it. I believe these steps builds on each other, accumulating better style, so to speak.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Am I onto something here?? And what would the other steps be? (This is probably really old news for many on here...)