I figured I'd find one at NAS. Now that I didn't, where do I look? I've bought mine at Coach outlets for about the last 20 years...and I will confess that that is only three bags!! I don't think I want Coach again because they run heavy, but I don't know how to find one. I've checked non-NAS Nordstrom, and walked through a Saks this past weekend.

So, what's a good source? What bag brand is your favorite? My wishlist is: lightweight but not Longchamps kind, medium size with internal pockets and some structure, in a pinkish-purple, green or gray color. I don't mind paying up to around $500 because I keep them so long they are always my most worn item. Lower is great of course. I'm not enough of a bag lady to go super pricey, it would just not get the right amount of love from me for that!