I have come around on wearing clothes when I WFH. It helps adds structure to my day; I change into more comfy lounge clothes in the evening. I won't wear anything tight, and I prefer short sleeves to none or long (it runs warm in here, but I am on vcons often enough that I want to look somewhat polished). I wasn't bothering much with makeup before so I am not doing it now, but I am trying to keep up with my skin routine.

The other day, I even wore a dress (very loose and comfy). I didn't get pics of the other outfits, but one was the blue pants and top, and the other was black joggers with the pink blouse.

Today, I am wearing a lightweight striped, short sleeve sweater, tie waist jeans and even sneakers since for once the heat isn't thoroughly cranked in my apartment (we don't control it). I hear it starting to come up today, though. Anyway, I got a pic of this outfit in my terrible bathroom mirror.

I hope you all are hanging in there. I am in Manhattan, the width of Central Park away from a new field hospital set up outside Mount Sinai Hospital. We hear sirens and helicopters day and night. On a lighter note, I got pandemic shamed for waiting in line for the (very socially distanced) wine store--it's not as if we can buy a case and not go out for it, though. We stock up on everything as much as space allows, which isn't much. We have nowhere to put a case of wine or toilet paper, for that matter! ANYWAY, my husband and I are both working from home (busy, even). We have avoided symptoms. He even had a negative coronavirus test early on, for a cough--just his normal post-cold cough that got re-triggered by cold air or something.

In less important news, we postponed our trip to Mexico until November, and hope we can go. We were also slated to go to the Olympics....

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