I did a thing: I bought a winter coat. A practical winter coat.

Some of you may remember I had to toss my gorgeous, designer down winter coat. Winter has already settled in here and we've had 3 major snowstorms. So, I couldn't keep getting by with a fleece jacket.

I saw this Swissgear coat at Walmart of all places. I will be very honest: I tend to choose aesthetics over practical and functional. Though, since turning 40 this month, I do find myself choosing comfort more. Something I never thought I would do, mind you. (I used to think I would wear heels forever, even if I had to bind my 90-year-old feet to shove them into heels lol!!)

So here is the persimmon or burnt orange coat.

It has an inner-elastic cinch system to bring in the waist. This kind of saves me from an otherwise very boxy, straight cut. I will take photos of myself in it soon, to add to the post. For now, these are the model photos. Just imagine it with some subtle waist cinching.

I feel I sold out a bit on my aesthetic goals. But I just have found myself being super busy with homeschooling, motherhood, and the house renovations. I have felt overwhelmed to scour the internet and stores for a new winter coat that fits all my aesthetic, practical and budgetary parameters.

Part of me regrets the purchase, and part of me doesn't at all. I can, of course, buy another coat, as pretty and impractical as I please. Iand I likely will. But it's such a strange feeling.

I've already removed the tags and worn it. It works nicely. It's just not... fancy. Or glamorous. I wore it with my chicken wellies to the post office. Now, I felt like a British sheep farmer. (The British countryside style isn't usually my thing, even though I love it on others.) But it was certainly easy and simple to run errands in.

Have any of you with more glamorous style found yourself hitting the easy or practical button? Do you compensate in other ways? Did you go out and buy another glamorous-not-practical-at-all fun coat?

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