I am SO thoroughly pleased with my modest NAS purchases this year, and I thank Angie and all the fabbers who took the time to review and recommend (or not!). I have a hard time keeping my foot on the brake when the sale starts rolling, and have over-purchased significantly in the past. This year I love every one of my choices thanks to you all.

Special thanks to delurked for the Born booties review, they are EXACTLY the black booties I wanted. Special thanks to Janet for reviewing the VC zebra jacket; I actually love the jacquard fabric and the scale of the pattern. I have the neat little tool that pulls snags to the reverse side, so no worries. It is with the tailor now, having the sleeves lengthened to fit my monkey arms. I love this fabric so much that I was eyeing the Smythe version, but I am not a person who needs to spend $895 on a jacket!

And I don't think it was part of NAS, but I believe Suz posted about the snakeprint belt that I ordered at the same time. I love it.

With apologies to the Beatles for ripping off their song......