That is a really lovely dress Angie and it will really suit you. Perfect with the white accessories - could also imagine with tans and cognacs too in the future...

I am looking for a midi dress (autumn/winter) - maybe I need to look in the maxi section!! Labelling is crazy.

Absolutely beautiful. Putting midis on my spring/summer list!

I saw the topic line and thought, "... April Fool? But it's only February..."

I love the dress! Are you going to show us pictures of the outfit when you wear it? (pleasepleaseplease)

How does the sizing run is it true to size , I always wonder what size when ordering on line ?

HAHA. No April Fools.

Gail, TTS, and a little roomy. LONG and cannot hem.

Dianna, great idea. I hope it works out.

LBD, no more outfit posts I'm afraid. Maybe a candid shot at some point.

Sal, not a bad idea.

Carla, PERFECT for Cape Town.

Suz, apparently no navy in Canada, and you would need a petite.

Janet, I see no problem with the bling on the dress. Great shape on you. Get it.

Smittie, EXACTLY, and good on long necks and smaller busts.

That is a gorgeous dress for you. I will be looking forward to a WIW.

Gorgeous dress. Totally you.

Your new dress is lovely! I suspect you will get a lot of wear out of it. I can see it with your denim jacket, sneakers, pearls and white sunnies (and maybe a dash of citron?) while you vacation on the coast. How many dresses are you planning to take?

Haha. Never say never...
I like the idea of it and have been searching for a sleeved maxidress forever. I don't think this one would work weel for me though it's lovely and i shall admire it on you.

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the cheerleading.

Mainelady, I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll take five dresses to Italy, a pair of white jeans and some tops.

Gorgeous dress, Angie, and it seems so "you." I love the idea of contrasting it with a denim jacket.

This IS your winter for dresses, isn't it?! It would be a different sort of travel capsule for you if you bring 5 dresses and only one pair of jeans. Wearing dresses at the Italian coast sounds very romantic.

Windchime, this is a late Spring/Summer dress, actually. Too cold for Winter. And yes, maybe I'll just wear dresses in Italy.....

I love this for you. I saw this in person today and it’s just gorgeous.

Gorgeous dress for you Angie. Is that a new jean jacket with eyelet from Anthro? Very cute.

Thanks for the clarification, Angie! I didn't write clearly; I should have said it's been your winter for FINDING dresses.

Rachy, good to know you've sorted when I can actually wear a casaul maxi dress.....

Windchime, you make me laugh.

Style Fan, it's on order. I hope it works.

Christina, thanks for the validation. It looks like a designer piece doesn't it?

Thank you for the explanation, dear Angie. I think I might order it to be sent to me via an American friend...

That is seriously one of the most Angie dresses I have ever seen! It is truly raining dresses for you!

Gorgeous! The unlined portion is a stroke of genius. Can't wait to see it with pearls and denim jackets.
I too thought you were pulling an early April Fool's. Haha!

Beautiful Dress!
Question do you have this Anthropology jacket and what do you think of it.

Gorgeous - major dress envy! Unfortunately this one doesn't seem to be available in any colour in the UK - sigh.......

Such a good dress! So good to wear with denim.

I’ve looked in the uk and there is no petite here otherwise I think I’d be very tempted.

Wonderful dress and I love the styling you are proposing, I can imagine how lovely it would be on you.

Jane I was looking for the petite too.

Thanks, sweet Zibbets and Mirjana.

Mac, good idea.

Jaime, you make me smile.

Debbie, the jacket is on order.

Blast Jane and Amy. Rotten luck.

I also thought it was April Fool. Never say never. I love that you plan to wear it casually with flats.

I read that title end thought, first it was boho touches and now a maxi, what happened to Angie? Then I see the picture and well look at that, it's a pretty dress that may be more casual for your style, but to others is probably dressy. At least it's more dressy than what I see as maxi dresses when the weather warms up in my area. It's an Angie maxi dress, how fun! A lovely dress for warmer weather!

I absolutely love that dress in white. However, its much too long for my taste. Angie, I am wondering can you safely remove the bottom ruffle and not ruin the integrity of the dress? I have been longing for a white summer dress for 10+ years and have yet to find a white, cotton, washable, and not "see through" dress....this one almost checks all my boxes - minus the length.

HAH, Lisa and Joy.

mtnsofthemoon, before you hack the length - please try the length as is. Just for me.

It is very nicely made! Maxi’s are so freeing that I tried it on. Unfortunately I looked kind of like a mermaid in it.
So I will be happy that you can enjoy it!