I have shifted to wearing more skirts and dresses, and I have always loved myself a stompy shoe. I love the romantic edging of this skirt without liking this particular skirt for myself. It looks satiny and delicate upon close inspection, but mostly too static filled for me. These shoes seem refined to me though. A high gloss sheen and tapered combat look. There’s probably a specific shoe style term I don’t know.

For shoes, I can’t really go over 1 1/2, though 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch heel heights are better for me. I would love to find some lace up boots that fit this vibe. Does this seem like it could only get worn in the winter? Do you think this works for a work look?

I just want to consider this for my life and decide if it’s something to look for. Bonus points if anyone has specific examples of shoes that are available currently.