I've been looking for a pair of summer-weight black cropped pants -- I never thought I would say that. I'm not shopping until I get settled into my new home, but I'm making two exceptions: a pair of supportive sandals, and the black crops. I started the summer trying track pants, but everything I tried either wasn't a good fit or felt too casual to pair with a mix of tops and woven shirts for work for me. Some of the high poly-content pairs also seemed too sweaty for summer. I should have 2.5 more months of crop weather-- maybe more if I wear them with booties and boots.

So, I'm enlisting your help-- what should I try? Am I too late in the season? Should I wait until next year?

I'm fairly tall (34" inseam in flats) and like a mid-rise. I'm curvy and have curvy thighs, which I know has affected fit on many pieces.