Hi all, as I've written before, I've am having a bit of a style crisis. I've been taking in your all's recommendations, reading everyone's posts and Angie's blog on current fashion trends and advice archives like a mad woman. Of course, thinking critically about the direction that I want to take and willingness to experiment led to a huge trying and buying bonanza.

I've been liking slouchier, oversized, more androgynous styles, but since wearing my hair naturally curly, I find that they often make me look unkempt instead of cool. I played around with various sillhouettes, and I think I am digging a more romantic look actually! Somehow it feels more balanced with my hair and body. Softer, thinner, drapier fabrics, more feminine shapes, defined shoulders and waist, less chunky sillhouettes. This is a bit unexpected, but I'm embracing it and seeing where it goes.

I particularly wanted to get some clothes to wear for work (business casual), since I started finding myself having "nothing to wear." I've done a few big destashes lately, purging stuff I never wore, stuff that didn't look good, stuff that didn't feel good, etc. Not much got left behind haha! I prefer long-sleeved top + pants or skirt combo, so I don't have to worry about a topper. I find toppers difficult for me to style and upkeep (cardis look worn out so quickly, hard to find the right proportions, blazers need dry cleaning, denim is too casual). I generally appreciate simplicity, so I don't want to have to match too many things while I'm on this road to finding my best style, but maybe eventually I'll get there.

I shopped at Madewell, Nordstrom Rack, and Old Navy.

All feedback is highly appreciated, especially re clothes I'm on the fence about. Let me know if you find any items, colors, or silhouettes particularly flattering or unflattering, and all suggestions in general are highly welcome! I only took the tags off the mustard tee in #9 (I wore it already), so anything is fair game.

#1 - "Mom" jeans - I think they are my favorite find from this bunch. They fit so well it feels like I've won the lottery. It has some distressed details on the butt and around the edges, not visible in the picture. The shirts are dupes of each other (I doubled up a lot).
#2 - Drawstring wide legged linen blend pants - did not expect to like these as much as I did. I haven't worn this sillhouette in ages. Definitely on the fence about the shirt. Love the fabric and drape but the weird detail in the middle makes it bunchy tucked or untucked, though maybe because of the drawstring in the middle. Also, I don't know if the stripes have a bit of a prisoner uniform feel to it?
#3 - Pants from #2 and skinnies from the closet. Teal blouse is very close to my eye color, so I think it may be flattering? I'm on the fence about it, but looking at the pictures makes me lean towards keeping it. Feels versatile, though a little more business-y than I normally go for.
#4 - Wide legged, high waisted pants. This is quite a bit trendy. I like the silhouette, but the length feels slightly awkward. Also I noticed a small seam rip at the crotch, which I can fix - the question is, does it seem like it's worth it? Tees are dupes of each other in different color.
#5 - Bright red midi skirt and workhorse black top. I generally don't go for color, though I do like red, and I especially like that's it's bright! I tried stepping out of my comfort zone with things I tried on, and I think it's not too bad? I have a feeling it will look really good with sneakers.
#6 - Same skirt, two twin tops in blue: dark and light. Inspired 100% by Angie.
#7 - I really like the texture and silhouette of this skirt, but not entirely convinced by the color. I think maybe it would be better with white or black? I'm also on the fence about the top. It was a bit more than what I normally pay for for a top, since it's made of silk. It has such a lovely feel, but again, not 100% about the color. Does the mutedness of it make me look washed out?
#8 - A bias-cut skirt inspired by Thursday's blog post. I originally wanted the spotted Madewell one, but it didn't look that great on me. This is in black satin-like fabric. Feels very classic, and can be dressed up or down. I'm not super excited about the striped v-neck, but it's a useful weekend staple that's not a solid. I really dislike the combo of these two items, so it was just to take the picture.
#9 - Leopard print! I am in love with this skirt. It's a twin of #5-6 and pairs well with just about anything in my opinion. I could live in this probably. The shirts are dupes of #8 in more trendy colors. I find that I'm really liking the vibrancy of color! Must be spring!

#10 - Edited to add - skirt from #7 with a "romantic" black tee with bubble sleeves. I don't know, I kind of like the drama of this top. The outfit makes me feel very "Greek goddess."

I also did a shoe haul (which you can probably see on the floor in some pictures), but this already turned out to be quite a bit of text, so maybe next time, and thank you for reading if you made it this far!

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