I realize I am a little late to the party, but I recently purchased some silver sock boots that come a little past the ankle. They have a slightly higher heel than I generally wear, but are so comfortable in every other respect that I wanted to give them a try.

My only issue is... how do I wear them? First, they strike me as fall/winter boots, maybe because sparkly things strike me as holiday related. I would be fine if they were cooler weather boots, but in the fall and winter I almost never wear a dress without black tights - it is a uniform for me (dress, black tights and statement shoes). Wouldn't silver boots - especially those that are snug against the ankle/leg - look wrong with black tights? I can't seem to find pictures showing it.

I can absolutely wear these with pants and even under leggings with a tunic (but not over the leggings because of the same issue with the black tights).

And I am asking you guys because when I asked about the green Free People booties, you gave me amazing advice, and I have worn those many, many times because of it. I am hoping for the same with these silver boots!