For those of you that are coming to the end of your summer, can you tell me how you wear shorts. I have super long and hot summers and must confess that on certain days, when it just gets way too hot to wear much of anything 36C and above, wearing shorts just makes sense.

I wont be wearing my shorts outside for anything other than dog walking or a quick run to pick up groceries. In Australia, wearing shorts and sandals in summer is not a faux par at any age, simply because our weather is hot and our society is very casual - so I will just blend into the crowd. However, for the sake of not feeling like a complete hot mess, I would like to wear shorts with some sense of being pulled together.

I am thinking, that I will wear my shorts with blouses (rather than t-shirts) to dress them up and sandals with a bit of interest, items in Finds below.

Any tips on how you wear shorts would be much appreciated.