Hi all,
I am very glad I found this forum.

I recently bought a dark grey and a light grey cardigan from Old Navy. I should not have bought these because they are to be hand washed only.

However, at the moment, my dilemma is what color combinations to create with these items. I bought grey because I thought it will be easy to create outfit combinations, but now I am not so sure.

My current color combinations are:
3 outfits: black pants, white t-shirt OR a patterned black and dark grey top OR a burgundy color top, dark gray cardigan
2 outfits: dark blue pants, white t-shirt OR dark green top, dark green cardigan (or may be the light gray is better???)

Can you please suggest color ideas? I need two colors, appropriate for work, that will go with these shades of gray.

I also have light grey pants, but I do not think that it goes well with the dark or the light grey cardigan. What do you think? Will it be a good idea to wear light grey pants, a white t shirt and any of the grey cardigans?

Thanks in advance.