I’ve been all over the map about black fashion sneakers. Wanted them, then didn’t, then did again. I feel like the 5 year old  kid who can’t decide what flavor to order at the ice cream stand and is having a long fuss about it.  I saw these beauties at NAS, as a top pic, and when Angie said the black ones looked like Chanel they grabbed my attention.  

I think my quandry has to do with being unsure of how to style them. I’m going to take another stab at it and would love your feedback.  I’m  talking about traditional tie sneakers of the Stan Smith or Addidas type style, not slip-ons or high tops. I’m also thinking this formula applies regardless of the contrast level of the outfit or the color of the sneaker.


to make a fashion sneaker look modern feminine (or something like that)

  • Wear them with modern pant or skirt silhouettes. E.G slim cropped jeans with released hems.
  • Have all of the shoe visible and no visible socks.. (nude
    hose are ok)
  • pants should be no longer than grazing the top of where the
    sneaker hits around the ankle;  showing more ankle is even better, depending on the silhouette of the pants
...and to make a fashion sneaker look more classic or menswear-ish

  • Wear them with more traditional silouetts like straighteg
  • Have the pantleg cover the top part of the sneaker so the ankle is not visible except maybe when you sit
  • Have visible socks