I know navy is a popular color here on the forum so I thought I’d ask for some advice in how to style it.

This winter I have been gradually buying cashmere turtleneck sweaters, after divesting my cashmere cardigan collection that I had not worn for several years. (My mom was happy to be the recipient). I like the idea of switching to cashmere turtlenecks, since all sorts of sweaters are my winter essentials. I’ve been gradually buying when I find petite sizes on sale. I bought a burgundy one from Macys in mid-October and just brought home charcoal and bright navy ones from Lord & Taylor. The prices were similar, around half the original prices, but the L&T ones are softer and seem to be better quality.

I’m on the fence about keeping the bright navy one, because I have this odd mindset that “I don’t like to pair it with too many different colors and that makes outfit creation limited”. The color is somewhere between a cobalt blue and ink. I love this color, but only like it with black, grey, pale tan/nude or cognac, or white. I don’t like it with blue denim unless it’s exactly the right tonal match. Hmm…now that I’m reading my words maybe this is an imaginary issue and not a real one I am not into cool colors right now and don’t particularly want to add another “bright” to an outfit alongside this color other than the colors I listed above.

The first find is the navy turtleneck (the find goes to a regular size on the L&T web site they don't seem to have the petites online) .

I’ve added finds for some other items I have that could work…
- grey pants similar to the JCREW find, black slim pants, grey jeans, blue boot cut jeans (these are the only jeans in the right blue tones for this sweater)
- Maybe try my white denim jacket as a topper?
- Some scarf options
- Other toppers
I have a LOT of black footwear and bag options (not shown) .
I have gold jewelry I could add

What do you all think of my choices, and do you have any other suggestions? Thanks as always!