Hey everyone, I'm looking for any suggestions on how to deal with jean slide-down. I've got slim hips and not much of a waist, and I feel like I'm always yanking up my jeans! It happens with all of them, but more so with skinny jeans. When it happens with the bootcut/flared ones, though, the hems drag on the ground and that's a MAJOR annoyance. I hate wet pant hems! So far I've dealt with this by (a) having the butt/waist of the jeans taken in, and (b) wearing a belt. Altering the jeans to fit snugly does help, but doesn't totally solve the problem. The belt does work, but there are lots of times I would prefer not to have the extra bulk of a belt under my top -- plus the buckle makes a lump. If the top is the right length, I can do a "semi tuck" (tuck the shirt in only behind the buckle, and leave the rest out), but sometimes the shape of the top does not allow this option.

It seems to me that if I had more of an hourglass shape, this wouldn't happen so much. Am I doomed to jean slide down forever, or have any of you found a magic solution?