This might be somewhat of a weird question...

What would you do if you wanted a retailer to bring back a beloved basic item? (Emphasis on basic--not trendy.)

I posted a while ago here about how I miss the old Gap PureBody t-shirts. They were made of a unique cotton-spandex blend that made them thin but not sheer; stretchy but not clingy; ideal for layering or wearing on their own. Very soft and comfortable, and with a slightly dressier look than all-cotton tees because of the stretch. I've tried many other replacements since (J.Crew lightweights and perfect tees; Uniqlo Supimas; modal ones from various retailers), but nothing has come close.

Gap discontinued them a couple of seasons ago and replaced them with the yuckiest modal imaginable.

If you visit the Gap website, you can read reviews posted by many people (I'm one of them) complaining and begging for the old tees in their former fabric and cut. These reviews span months, maybe a whole year!

Gap still has access to the fabric blend because they use it to make their Maternity PureBody tees.

I've written many reviews over the last year, and I've even emailed their Customer Service directly. I got the expected reply that their design team has to consider changing trends, but I don't think it's a good reason because that tee was a timeless and versatile basic, not a trendy item (unlike the yucky modal ones that are everywhere). Evidently nothing has worked.

Are there any other ways to reach them and ask them to consider bringing this item back? (Or at least giving a more considered answer as to why they wouldn't?)

I know it's silly to long so strongly for a basic item of clothing, but I still practically live in these tees (saving my old ones till their last thread).

Thanks for any words of wisdom...

Below you can see:

1. A picture of the original discontinued tee
2. The Maternity version (Find), which is still available

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