Hi everyone! I am looking for ways to make my style a bit more casual without loosing my favorite type of item - a business blazer. I have quite many in my wardrobe and I love wearing them. Usually, I wear them with a silky blouse or a top, with or without a scarf. I also love to wear a pant suit. Now, still working a lot from home and probably going to do it in the fall as well, I want to wear my blazers a lot more casually and really wear them “everywhere” during free time, weekends etc. So how to casualize a sharp business blazer?
My ideas so far:
1. To replace the silky tops with a thin hoodie. I already found a good thin layering hoodie in black. It was really affordable and good shape for my body - a kind of a HEWI. I ordered in several colors, but the only one which looked good was the black.
2. Footwear. To wear “cool” sneakers with a suit or a blazer and trousers… To that end, I ordered a pair of large black sneakers. What do you think? Will this work and which kind of sneakers should I have to style a classic pant suit a bit more trendy or fashion forward? Or should I wear any other kind of shoes?
3. Wear the blazer with jeans - this is a difficult one for me. Don’t like wearing jeans and find it difficult to even find any that would fit well. Apart from that, I am clueless as to what jeans to even look for. High waisted do not work and I don’t tuck in my tops…
4. Add casual bags like hobo bags or a bit more sporty cross bodies….
I added pictures of the hoodie I found and the sneakers I ordered (these I haven’t received yet).

Do you wear blazers or suits in a casual way? Any ideas, inspiration and thoughts are very welcome.

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