Hi everyone,
Angie's post today (specifically that ink Boden sweater outfit) got me thinking about columns of color for dressing. I love this look, and it's a slam-dunk in moderate weather, when a finishing layer, such as a blazer, jacket, or cardi, can be used to add interest.

I'm wondering, though, in non-layering-friendly weather such as the depths of winter (when there is so much outerwear to put on that indoor jackets, scarves, etc. become a pain) and summer (too hot!), how you would create a column of color look that wouldn't be super-boring? Different colors of belts and shoes? Statement necklaces? Or just embrace the minimalism during these fashion-restricted seasons?

Or perhaps it's a more simple question - how do you complete outfits without layering? Does this make sense to anyone?

Love to hear everyone's tips and suggestions. Thank you Fabbers!