Hi Brooklyn --

This will be a great look for you and -- as others have mentioned -- so easy given your current closet.

Diana already beat me to the dark and freshwater pearls. I have to throw the Etsy suggestion you gave me earlier back at you. It's a great source for large-scale shell pendants...that's been such a winner for me when it's hot I ended up ordered a black lip version for my "contrast" needs. You can find quite gorgeous upscale versions there but mine was under $10 with shipping.

Other than that, not much to add to the great ideas above. You may find you need to retire your striped items for the season...as you noted organic and curved shapes are just more in line with this look unless you want to carry it into steampunk.

Brooklyn, how fun! Interestingly (esp. since we have a lot of boho style overlap) I've had "dark romance", those exact words, on my fall/winter style notes for the past several years but have been very slow to incorporate because of the "dark" half. It has mainly ended up manifesting as a moody romantic bohemian sorta thing which I think suits me a bit better.

My original notes: lace, delicate architectural ruffles, brocade, velvet

I quite like your list, much more thorough and I think has a nice clear direction and vision. And I very much like the collection you've put together (what a great idea! I should try that too, to see what's missing). I think a little more velvet, lace, and something sheer or with sheer bits is missing from your set. What are you thinking for tall boots? I bet a tall lace-up stacked heel style would work really well.

As for romantic stripes I think going diagonal with lots of drape/asymmetry/flounciness/architecture would be ideal. So an architectural shirt, a dress with an exaggerated sharkbite/handkerchief type hem, dark tonal stripes (e.g. navy+charcoal).

Attached are a couple things I bought this past fall specifically to scratch this itch

Oh, Brooklyn, I LIKE having pearl mania

Well Angie, it seems that I have it too, because now winging their way to me from various Etsy sellers are:

Vintage uber long pearl necklace
Vintage pearl and diamond motif necklace
Vintage diamante and black pearl necklace

They are all faux/costume, so not expensive. Can't wait 'til they get here!

Aida, thanks for your comments and suggestions. I wish I had you as a shopping buddy. I like your idea of a moody romantic bohemian look. Maybe that is something I could aspire to outside of winter. In winter, I rarely have trouble going dark I agree that velvet is missing. And lace. I have to be fussy about lace because it tends to make me itchy. But a white lace cami in cotton would be ideal. For sheer items I have a few possibilities - a sheer black silk blouse with sleeve cutouts, a sheer black sleeved top that has an interesting sort of long glove effect, a sheer dark floral top (but sleeves are a little tight), and an ivory knit with a sheer, ladder effect section. For boots, I have an older pair of tall lace up flat boots in black. They have studs and lean a little biker, but I think they will work. I am also eyeing off a similar pair at retail that have a stacked heel and are available in burgundy (happy colour). And I have some equestrian style tall boots in dark brown and tall suede boots in black that might work. I don't have finds for all these items but I may create them as I go. And, it's interesting, that clutch you have - I stalked a similar one on Anthro for ages last year. It would be ideal!

Vix, I love Etsy. As I noted to Angie, I have gone a little nuts in the last 2 days. It's a great way to find interesting, inexpensive items that just need a new home. I bought some black beads to help serve my "contrast" needs.

JAileen, thanks! When I was on Etsy looking at brooches I also noticed many a cute Mr Skunky brooch. Just in case you are in the market

Suz, this is the first time I have chosen a theme for the season. I am hoping it will reign me in a bit as I tend to be attracted to a lot of looks. It is also a way of diverting my fashion "energy" more into the styling/outfit creation process and away from purchasing/adding on. (Says she who just bought 3 necklaces, ha ha.)

Krish, I watched the clip, thanks. I don't know why I haven't seen that movie yet. JL looks fab. Can't wait to see it now.

Helen, great to hear from you! I am kind of scared to get a quote from a dressmaker to make a velvet coat. But I will definitely consider it if I can't find what I am looking for.

UF, thanks. I will be experimenting with "how much". I think you are right, the more romantic looks are probably going to more for casual/going out time, rather than work time. It will be romance lite for work.

Wow I really like the look you’re going for. It would suit you beautifully. Already you have heaps of items that’ll work. I’m thinking shoes could have a big effect too, Mary Janes, Mary Janes with a little heel, lace up heeled boots and so on. Maybe you could try a little dose of tiny polka dot print items too? I agree with what others suggested: jewelry and brooches seem like a good fit.
I’m not so sure about geometric prints though.
Perhaps some little black lacy socks with a ruffle? I know it’s a gamble but I think you’re up for it :). Or how about black floral lace stockings?
Definitely lots of skirts. Veronica Maine have some nice romantic winter skirts at the moment. Just saw them in store yesterday.
Good luck with it!

Ha ha Jussie! Yes, I’m up for it! Except maybe the polka dots. Well, and the Mary Janes. But never say never! Love the idea of lace stockings or ruffled socks. On the list!

Brooklyn, what a great idea! I am loving it, think it is perfect for you. You have it all covered, I don´t have much to add, but look forward to see your new jewelry and new outfits. So exciting!

Thanks Katerina! I am going to look through your posts for inspiration on how to wear brooches.

I’m late to this, but can easily see this style already represented in your wardrobe, and you’ve got some great suggestions here. I didn’t read all the responses too thoroughly, so pardon me if I’m repeating, but how about accessories like fingerless gloves or adding textures like velvet in the form of a scarf? Small touches like that can give a hint of the vibe you seek without skewing costumey. Fun stuff!

Brooklyn - I had one more thought. It's a little past prime but that means things will be on sale and hard to find. Coach did their tea rose collection. In fact, in the USA some coach stores had artisans and you could customize any handbag with studs and tea roses. I just bought the coach drifter to replace my beloved coach Annabelle which despite a trip to mama coach central is looking a bit past prime. Someone described this bag as a "plague docto's bag" which appealed! I did add a coach black floral bag charm and the coach tea rose strap in black which skews to your dark floral. But they have whole bags adorned in this way. Adding a bag charm and ornate strap might swap out the looks of your current bags. Just a thought to add to your list. I will try and find more photos. https://www.coach.com/coach-cl.....leshopping


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I looooooooove this style direction... please keep posting as you pick up pieces and style outfits!

Think about Etsy for clothing as well as jewelry, if you haven't already. Here's one shop I found that might fit your theme, without veering into costume (not all the pieces, anyway): https://www.etsy.com/shop/LauraGalic

I'm eyeing some of those jackets, especially this one:

All those ideas sound perfect! I hope you'll share as you go

Thanks for checking back in Aida, I will.

Srah, thanks. I just had a quick look and will be sure to check that out more thoroughly. I’ve never bought clothes through Etsy, but I am game!

Gryffin, those bags! I had to close the link ASAP when I saw a green floral bag that was perfect and over $1000 USD. I do have a couple of brocade cross body straps that I could use for the look. A dark floral one would be great too. Love the idea of a floral charm too. Great ideas! And I laughed and laughed at “plague docto’s bag which appealed”. I totally get that

Janet, thanks! Those are good ideas too. A velvet scarf would probably be fairly easy to find second hand too. I don’t want this style shift to break the budget.

I am excited!!

Brooklyn, one more source you might want to check out is Ted Baker London. His stuff is available at Nordstrom's here; not sure who might handle them in Australia. His outsized botanical florals on dark backgrounds (the "Chatsworth" designs are currently available, and gorgeous) make for beautiful and unusual handbags, silk scarves, and clothes. I have one of his tote bags from a couple of seasons back--a garden of floral jewelry printed on black--and its gaudy girly look gives my ancient, beat-up black leather jacket a whole new attitude.

Thanks Tulle. We do have Ted Baker here. I love his luscious florals. I have one of his floral tees. I am always very tempted by his floral bags. He tends to use colours that I like too. I will keep an eye out.

What a fun style idea as you assemble your winter wardrobe, Brooklyn! It seems to really suit you and, as others have said, you already have a good start on it. Your Finds make me think of some of the gorgeous styles which were in Victoria magazine. I too have a sugar eye for florals and jewel-tone velvets and look forward to seeing how this comes together for you.

Ooh, nice one. I should have known you'd be familiar with T.B.'s designs!

Thanks Tulle. I am more than happy to hear all these suggestions. Gryffin sent me down a rabbit hole with the Coach bag suggestion. Now I will probably start cruising the TB site tonight

Thanks Windchime. I think the velvet element is important, and might end up being the hardest to find. I used to have a lovely dark green velvet skirt but it packed it in last year. Darn it.

This is a great look for you Brooklyn. I saw a jacket by Free People last week that was perfect. I passed on it because it was not my style. There does seem to be lots out there.

OH! This is going to be fun. I see I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I so look forward to seeing your project unfold.

Sterling, it is serious fun

Thanks SF!