Hi all

I am interested in pursuing a more “dark romantic” style this winter.

To help my thinking, I made a random list of what I think of as “romantic” and “dark” elements in fashion.

Romantic elements

Luxe fabrics - silk, velvet, brocade, satin
Sheer fabrics (eg chiffon)
Soft floaty blouses
Voluminous sleeves
Exaggerated and flared cuffs
Floral patterns
Baroque style patterns
Frills, flounces and peplums
Victorian era styling eg high necks, frock coats, tall boots (equestrian and lace up), corsets, book chain necklaces, lockets
Floaty skirts or dresses with some length
Curly or wavy hair

Dark elements

Rich dark colours (for me: purple/plum, burgundy, dark green, darker shades of teal)
Military styling (this can be romantic too)
Spikes (eg on jewellery)
Dark motifs eg skulls
Biker styling (moto jackets, moto boots)
Ankle boots
Dark make up (probably not for me)

In Finds I made a collection of items I already have that I might be able to use towards this look.

I think I have many of the “dark” aspects covered. What I need is a bit more “romance”. (Hey, don’t we all?)

So I am on the lookout for some additions:

*Pearls. A couple of years ago when pearl mania swept the forum I said that I wasn’t a fan (for me). Oops. Luckily I am pretty sure I covered my bases with my usual “never say never” motto because I am now keen on adding some pearls to my look.

*Brooches. I have none but wouldn’t mind something vintage.

*Velvet coat or jacket. Preferably longish and a little bit military, in burgundy, plum, dark green or dark teal. Yum.

*Velvet pants in black, burgundy or plum. (I do already have some velvety black jeans.)

*White/ivory lace or floral blouse.

I also continue to be on the lookout for a dark floral asymmetrical midi skirt or midi dress.

I don’t plan to go overboard on the frills and flounces, but I do like the whole Gothic/Victorian vibe, as long as things don’t skew too black or costumey.

What do you think? Anything you would add? Any tips or places where I should look for additions or for inspiration?

And any thoughts on these burning questions:
* is there a romantic way to wear stripes and geometrics?
* what is a “romantic” style handbag?

This is going to be fun!