So, I had a late afternoon NAS appointment yesterday, which happened to be in the same part of the city where DH works. So we agreed that it would be fun to meet up for an early dinner after he left work. I should have known...

He texted me when he was leaving work, but I was in the dressing room, people. I could NOT answer the phone. He knows me too well so he just gave up trying to call and drove over to the store. I was first aware of his presence when I was head-first in a rack of bras and I heard a voice over my shoulder asking, "looking for a larger size, huh?" Very funny, mister. Actually, that's exactly what I was doing, LOL. By the way, Wacoal seems to be running veeeery small this year. Good lord.

Then he said he was going to wander off and catch up in a bit. Which was fine, until he silently reappeared behind me just as the SA was reading aloud the total amount of my order. How, HOW is his timing so impeccable? *FAINT*

This is the same guy who once called me and teased, "I know where you are. You're at Nordstrom." And when I asked how in the world he could know that, he said, "I can hear the piano playing in the background." BUSTED.

Note to self: Do not mention NAS appointment next year. Deny knowledge of large, teetering pile of UPS boxes at back door. Keep husband as he is a sweet pea and knows a girl just needs to buy things sometimes, but at the same time there is no need to advertise the receipts.